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Thanksies for the comments ^.^
I love David Wenham xDDDD

Posted by Firiath on Jun 10, 09 7:18 am

I just need to work on the quality of it ._.
It's 'jagged' as I-forgot-who said ^.^
I actually agree
But since I drew it on paper and I don't have a scanner
That's how it turned out.
I'm still fixing it and redoing it =]
The coding and everything's done - just need the image to be up to par :3
If you want, you can check it out so far at forbidden_love_zachdark - it's my old myspace and I use it to preview my layouts on ^.^

Posted by Firiath on Sep 13, 08 10:01 am

a cow layout?
tbh i thinkt hat would be pretty cool :)
you'll have to show me when you're done :)

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Sep 13, 08 5:18 am

Thanks ^.^
It's fun showing them to people that aren't related to me or are close friends and stuff
And Tigers are cool and all
But duckys are wayyyyyy better :3
But I'm making a cow layout?
Hahaha I dunno

Posted by Firiath on Sep 12, 08 11:32 pm

thats so cute you named them after your boyfriend :)
it makes me want to melt inside :D
and i love tigers and duckies too.
and may i add that i love your submitted graphics :)

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Sep 12, 08 1:40 pm

Hahahaha - I don't know if you can see it, but I'm holding my tiger XD
Ish likeeee
The 2nd cutest stuff toy I own ^.^
The cutest one being my ducky
And both my tiger and my ducky are named after my boyfriend =]

Posted by Firiath on Sep 12, 08 4:06 am

Heyy nice to meet you too :)
I'm Martz, thats a pretty awesome default picture you have there ^.^

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Sep 11, 08 1:58 pm

=0 I love your favourite bands list =]
Sooooo I saw something of yours randomly
And commented randomly
...Cause I'm random like that? I dunno XD
Nice to meet chu
I'm Zachy ^.^

Posted by Firiath on Sep 11, 08 4:54 am
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